gigPATH is the staffing agency that organizations turn to for the right talent at the right time.

Today’s workforce is embracing the gig economy as talent looks to transition from structured, organizational life to a freer, fluid work style and arrangement.  However, organizations still need talent to fill roles, and they desire top-tier talent to do so.

At gigPATH, we serve the business community as the market coordinator for independent contractors, freelance workers, and company’s looking for talent.  Our team has been serving clients for over 20 years and leverages this experience and expertise to understand your business needs and desired talent profile.

While gigPATH can assist with any contractual or fractional talent needs, we have cultivated hubs of talent in two key areas:  Process and Analytics.

For talent, let us show you the path to your next gig today!  For organizations, let us be your partner as you fill process and analytics related fractional and full-time roles.

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