Our Story

Prior to 2018, our Founder spent over 15 years as a management consultant specializing in Process, Process Improvement, Lean, Six Sigma, etc… During those years, many of his clients and business connections would often seek his help in finding qualified individuals for full, fractional, and short-term contractual staffing needs in the areas of Process and Analytics. Thus, the idea for a specialized staffing firm focusing on process and analytical related talent and roles was born!

This idea was affirmed by notable business journals and outlets touting a shift in the global workforce away from the typical 9 to 5, structured desk jobs at corporations to a freer, fluid employer-employee relationship. This allowed, and very much promoted, the alignment of marketplace talent with projects and term-specific engagements that aligned workers’ talents and interests with the organization’s immediate staffing need. This change in the workplace dynamic was coined the ‘gig economy’.

Having the original idea affirmed by the marketplace, our Founder set out to establish a firm to deliver this much needed service. He and the firm’s initial leadership team now needed a name to convey the spirit and mission of the organization. After much debate and potential options and variations, the name gigPATH was chosen. Our name pays homage to the gig economy, and also highlights how our mission is to establish a true home for process and analytical talent. (PATH: P – Process, A – Analytics, T – Talent, H – Hub).

Here at gigPATH our goals are simple. We strive to provide a true home, or Hub, for process and analytical talent. And we want to be THE trusted advisor and partner for organizations looking to fill process and analytics related roles.

Contact us (info@gigpath.com) today and let us know how we can help!!