As the world is becoming more data-driven, organizations are embracing the change of pace and leveraging data to indicate and optimize performance.  At gigPATH, we have resources that specialize in all aspects of analytics and big data.

Our talented network of resources has experience in analytical-related capabilities such as:

  • Data Validation:  error correction, missing data replacement, standardization, application of business rules
  • Process Modeling: machine learning, predictive modeling, simulation
  • Statistics: survey design, sample comparison, experimentation
  • Business Intelligence: dashboard & scorecard design, business analysis, visual communication
  • Data Engineering: data acquisition, real-time processing, distributed computing, database design

Here at gigPATH, we view data as the foundation for informed business decisions.  Let us partner with you to unlock insights and untapped knowledge that will improve organizational performance.

Whether you need talent for data analytics or developing recommendations, gigPATH has the right analytical talent for you. (